Author Day!

On Friday, June 3, 2016, students in grades K-5 at both Griebling and Memorial will have the opportunity to meet with local author Lori Lee Corson-Tobia. She is the author of Everyone is Different, which is inspired by the animals of Atlantic Farm in Wall, NJ. Everyone is Different is insightfully written and beautifully illustrated to embrace a child’s curiosity. This story takes them on a special journey with five charming animals that live happily together on a small farm. The animals are very unique and different in their own special ways. This book highlights that despite their differences, they are able to live together peacefully.

Everyone Grows Old is her second and most recent book. This is a lovely story involving these wonderful farm animals. One day, the animals show disrespect toward a new addition to the farm, Harry a retired police horse. This book will teach the ultimate lesson of compassion. Children will learn that age does not define who we are, but kindness, wisdom, and respect do.

Lori Lee Corson Author visit Griebling Memorial revised