2017-2019 Executive Board Nominations

The Griebling-Memorial PTA Nominations Committee is currently accepting nominations for the
2017 – 2019 EXECUTIVE BOARD.

Please note the following criteria for anyone who is considering running for the Executive Board:
1. Any person who is an active member in good standing (paid membership 15 days prior to nominations) is eligible for the Executive Board.
2. The nominee for President should have served at least one year as an officer (Not necessarily the year before).
3. All other nominees for office should have served at least as a committee-person

If you wish to be considered for an Executive Board position(s), please PRINT your name in the appropriate section(s) below. If you select multiple positions, please rank them in order of preference.
*Please note that due to a change in our Bylaws in 2016, elected officers will now serve a 2 year term.

Please see the attached form Nomination Committee_PTABoard-17-18-1